Redmond Herring's third mystery novel... tells a story of how a young boy 's life is altered by the adults that affected his future. A ‘true to life’ story, every parent should read before exposing their children to the perils in society.

Naive teenagers can be, will be, taken hostage by an unsavory culture that will exploit their vulnerabilities. This mystery novel is not without controversy. The narrative is authentic, threatening and ardent. The author traces the life story of how the main protagonist, Curtis Vincent Harrison, struggles with his self-imposed demons.

For small town kids, adolescence can be idyllic, but some suffer in a disingenuous world of lies and deceit. A life of deception usually leads to a life of pain and sorrow. As the main character becomes an adult, he is free to travel the country seeking absolution, trying to resurrect his faith; darkness keeps him engaged in a life of despair.

In the late 1970‘s, the FBI, Justice Department, and the State of Minnesota try to indict Curt for felony activities that involve the Boy Scouts of America and the Catholic Church. Twenty years later, America and the World begin to take notice to the sexual outbreak of homosexuality. Redmond Herring intervenes on behalf of the family, hoping to enroll their son in Conversion Therapy.

This mystery novel is connected to one faithful family that must face the reality of contemporary life.

This story is an example of how easy it is for an impressionable young man to become a willing participant in an alternative life-style.

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Check out Redmond Herring's recent releases ! "Herring has written another intriguing narrative that will shock the reader. You will be surprised to learn how easy unsuspecting newcomers are coerced into an alternative life.

Herring has a knack for enticing the reader to become emotionally involved in the life of a naive, small town, Baptist progeny.

The protagonist can find absolution if society can embrace the reality of homosexuality."

Dr. Bob... A Minnesota Psychologist

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