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I immediately noticed you have a distinctive writing style. It reminds me of the Perry Mason TV series writing, but you add an enticing story element creating this official report style verbiage that sounds very formal as if over my shoulder you are reading me legal transcripts and reports while at the same time the story itself is playing out before my eyes.
Yvette Howie ... Journalist, Broadcaster, Poet in Minneapolis, Minnesota
The Blake brothers- and even Sara, are truly a metaphor for how corruptible our society can be. In witnessing the journey of these delightfully interesting characters one can’t help but question their own evolution and wonder what defects will stain their future. The author has managed to craft a truly enjoyable and thought provoking saga that reminds us all, it is not about the freedom itself but rather what we do with it.
A book review by Sharon Horne-Ellstrom... Editor-in-Chief at Hudson, WI
I was excited to read "Escape From Freedom," Herring's first novel, to learn more about how it all began. I was not disappointed.  Herring spins a terrific tale of greed, corruption, mental illness, domestic abuse, religious extremes, and use of legal details that brings credibility and reality to the reader.
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