Redmond Herring's first mystery novel... challenges the integrity of the juridical courts system when governing family affairs such as divorce, dividing marital assets, child custody, child support, abuse and mental illness. Herring has created a true to life story (maybe fictional), about a young mother of five, who must escape her marriage of seventeen years from a fundamental Baptist preacher who has gone insane.

This story is an example of how distorted the courts are when deciding legal matters for unwary litigants who are seeking fair and just solutions. In many cases, litigants become powerless against bias judges and unethical lawyers leaving the victims without any remedies against the criminals.

As a legal consultant, Redmond Herring helps his main characters overcome the injustice by fending off angry opponents and unraveling countless legal issues. Sara learns how to counteract the corruption in four jurisdictions including Criminal Court, Family Court, Civil Court and Federal Court.

This is not your typical mystery novel nor is it a 'How to" fight for legal justice. You'll be captivated while learning the outcome of Herring's main protagonist.

Simply use common sense !

Check out Redmond Herring's recent releases ! "This book is slated to be part of a four-book series, which Herring has already laid out. If you are looking for a fictional novel entirely out of the norm, Escape from Freedom should be at the top of your list."

San Diego Book Review

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